How to Buy a New Car

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If you’ve been tossing around the idea of hitting the dealer lots around Monroeville and Upper St Clair, but you’re unsure of where to start, then check out our guide on when to buy a new car and how to buy a new car at Rohrich Cadillac. Then, if you feel ready, fill out a pre-approval, value your trade, and get in touch to schedule some test drives.

When to Buy a New Car

The first step of buying a car is…deciding when to buy a new car. It’s a hefty financial decision, and you should think about it thoroughly. Here are a few signs that Peters Township and Washington drivers are ready to take the leap:

  1. You’re constantly paying off expensive repairs to keep your current vehicle commutable.
  2. You don’t feel wholly safe driving your vehicle.
  3. You’re in a new phase of life with new demands. For instance, say you own a Dodge Charger but you have twins on the way—it might be time to invest in a Grand Caravan.
  4. Your car is regularly failing emissions tests. It can often be cheaper to get your car up to snuff than rehab it to the point where it reliably passes.

How to Find Your Ideal New Car

Now to cover how to buy a new car. Your first step should be to set a budget. Sounds easy enough, but Cranberry Township drivers should look at their credit score and their assets before running with their first conclusions—your budget could be smaller or bigger than anticipated. Of course, our finance center is happy to help you determine a good price range to work with. Once you have a range in mind, follow these next steps.

  • Narrow your search. You’ll want to determine what segment of vehicle speaks most clearly to your needs. Are you looking for an affordable commuter sedan? A sports car? A kid-friendly minivan? A hatchback roomy enough to stow your bike?
  1. Pick your top three models. Then do your research. Determine which of them has the highest safety ratings, the best reliability scores, the slowest depreciation, and the best overall reviews. Then test drive them to get a visceral feel for their qualities.
  2. When you’ve decided on a final choice, see which dealers are offering the lowest prices on your model. Many dealers offer price-matching, so be sure to leverage the best price in town.
  3. Take into consideration any big upcoming sale weekends or holidays that might come with really good deals, like Black Friday or Presidents Day.

Once you’ve completed the above process, it’s time to head to your dealership of choice to make it official!

Discover Your New Car at Rohrich Cadillac in Pittsburgh!

Now that you know how to buy a new car, Rohrich Cadillac encourages you to browse through our new vehicle specials on offer in Pittsburgh to see just how much you can save. We look forward to guiding you through the car-shopping process and setting a high standard for transparency and respectful salesmanship. While you’re here, be sure to check out other car shopping information guides on topics like, “What does MSRP mean?”.

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