Rohrich begins in 1912 as a small market located in the mostly German area of Mt. Washington known as Allentown. Charles W. Rohrich purchased Hill Top Poultry and Fish displaying FISH MARKET on the vertically striped awning halfway up the left side of Warrington Avenue.

You may wonder why Charlie started selling cars instead of cod.


Charlie was drafted into Truck Company #3, 23d Engineers (Highway Regiment) in 1917. Of course, responsible for fixing the trucks needed to build, repair and maintain the roads during battles. 

By September of 1918, Charlie’s regiment was on the frontlines during the Battle of Saint Mihiel. He was injured when his motorcycle crashed. 

Charlie survived the battle with minor injuries, but his cousin unfortunately was a casualty of WWI. 

Charlie’s family was mistakenly informed that Charlie had died so they sold the poultry & fish market and disposed of all his possessions 

The Army introduced him to his new career.


Charlie returns from France in 1919 with little more than his uniform. The Army introduced him to the future of selling and repairing the horseless carriage.

By 1920, Rohrich builds the Dormont Auto Station on the corner of West Liberty Ave and Biltmore Ave with gas pumps and the Willard Battery sign.


Rohrich constructs a new building on the corner of West Liberty Ave and DormontAve which became Liberty Motor Sales in 1923.

Over 200 different auto manufacturers were building cars and Rohrich offered Studebaker, Maxwell, Overland, Willys-Knight and Chrysler. The roaring 20's saw unprecedented growth and the Rohrich way of serving customers.


1928 saw the South Hills of Pittsburgh grow quickly after the completion of the Liberty Tunnels and Liberty Bridge.

The Rohrich reputation earned an exclusive dealership in the South Hills of the top-selling luxury brand in America, Packard.

Rohrich quickly outgrew its home.


Rohrich completes the new luxurious Packard dealership on Washington Road in the young community of Mt. Lebanon by 1930.

Nash was added by 1933 as Packard sales declined from the Great Depression. Rohrich was forced to sell all dealership entities by the end of 1933 due to the bank closures.

Charlie starts over as he turns 50.


Rohrich seizes an opportunity to start over in the auto business. He buys a Goodyear station at West Liberty Ave and DormontAve in 1934. Now Legacy Remodeling.

Liberty Motor Sales repairs cars, sell tires, accessories and gasoline plus retails used cars from the new location as the economy recovers.

Business is good due to a loyal customer following and a preference to repair instead of replace.


The Charles W. Rohrich Cadillac Company opens it's doors in 1938. Two companies that represent luxury and service are finally together.

Rohrich is located near the current display lot entrance. It has a one car showroom, 5 repair bays and four employees.

Rohrich would buy replacement new Cadillacs from the distributor in East Liberty as they were sold. 1938 saw 40 new cars retailed and a new era.


Rohrich was awarded a Navy contract in 1943 to service naval equipment in Pittsburgh based upon Rohrich's commitment to service.

Cadillac shifted all production to the war effort from 1942 to 1945. Cadillac's reliability and advanced engineering powered everything from the M-5 tank seen here in their Detroit plant to the P-51 fighter planes.

Charlie, now 58, enlisted in 1942.


Customers become repeat customers and they tell all their friends.

Rohrich expands to a brand new 35,000 square foot "state-of-the-art" Cadillac facility in 1950.

Cadillac is awarded the very first Motor Trend Car of the Year and launched the most iconic styling trends with tailfins and chrome.


Charlie's son Jim becomes the second generation to serve his country when he enlists for the Korean War in 1951. Of course, Jim served in the "Engineer Combat Battalion" responsible for fixing the trucks needed to build, repair and maintain the roads and bridges during battles similar to his father Charlie.

By 1953, Jim returns to West Liberty Ave and became an important member of the growing Charles W. Rohrich Cadillac team.


Charlie officially transferred the Charles W. Rohrich Co. to his son Jim by 1960. Both agreed to rename the company Rohrich Cadillac Inc. Jim said, "My dad has been an inspiration to me and I will continue to do my best to walk in his shoes."

Rohrich Cadillac began buying cars directly from Cadillac instead of the local distributor since 1938.


A.D Motors closed in the early 60's when Studebaker ended production. S&H Green Stamps redemption store took its place until 1969 when the recession forced them to close.

The Rohrich reputation for service and their loyal customers required more space by 1970. Timing was perfect; the former Studebaker store on the corner of West Liberty Ave and Pauline Ave was for sale. The new adjacent property nearly doubled the size of Rohrich Cadillac.


1979 saw the price of oil double creating a recession that saw long lines at gas stations.

Rohrich invested in a small volume, fuel-efficient manufacturer known for its reliability, Toyota.

Rohrich's reputation for service combined with Toyota's quality products resulted in sales increasing from 20 the first year to over 500 by the mid-1980s.


Charlie celebrated his 100th Birthday in 1984. When asked what gave him the drive and work ethic in his early years, his comment was short and poignant...."Hunger".

Some things he experienced since 1884 are the advent of the auto, airplane, electricity, telephone, radio and television to name a few.

Charlie came to work almost every day until he died in 1985.


On August 19, Jim Rohrich dies. He sold a car to every nurse and doctor that he met in the hospital.

His principals of service are carried on by both his sons Dave and Tom.

Rohrich is selected as one of the first Lexus dealers in North America in 1988 based on the reputation of both the Cadillac and Toyota stores.


Rohrich welcomes Mazda to the family in 1997. Mazda's popularity grows as Rohrich becomes the top dealer in Pittsburgh.

A new state-of-the-art Collision center occupies the facility as well on West Liberty Ave in Dormont.


Lexus is growing so quickly in Pittsburgh that a second location is added on Perry Highway in Cranberry by 2002.

Rohrich continues to deliver the same service philosophy as Pittsburgh's luxury dealership destination.


Rohrich expands in Pittsburgh by acquiring Honda in the well established and popular area of East Liberty by 2005.

Rohrich and Honda combine two legendary reputations.


Rohrich opens Bentley of Pittsburgh on West Liberty Ave by 2008. 

Rohrich brings its culture of service to the definitive British luxury car clients throughout North America. 

Rohrich European Motors establishes Bentley of Pittsburgh in Wexford with an all-new luxurious dealership by 2018.


Rohrich Cadillac celebrates over 75 years in business when it begins the largest transformation in 2012.

Rohrich unveils the new dealership by 2014 with client amenities offering a cafe with food, drink and relaxing fireplace in the client lounge.

The showroom displays 10 different models and a fleet of Courtesy loaners waiting inside.


Rohrich European Motors becomes the exclusive representative for Maserati in the Pittsburgh area by 2014. 

Maserati joins Bentley as the premier dealership in Pittsburgh bringing sophisticated service to both iconic brands. 

Maserati of Pittsburgh creates exclusive amenities through an all-new facility in the community of Wexford by 2018.

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